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How to use maven just to copy dependencies

Maven is one of the best java applications used to build and deploy Java Projects but sometimes we may just need to use it to manage or download dependencies which is probably its best feature. In this example I'm using Linux Ubuntu to download several jars to a folder.... Read More

How to print all elements in a Map

To get just the key... Read More

How to send a request to a Webservice from a text file just like SoapUI

This example shows how to create a simple java Soap WS and send a request to it from a text file.... Read More

How to read file in hexadecimal mode with vi

With the vim (vi enhanced version) it is possible to edit a file in hexadecimal mode.... Read More

How to find a Jar file from which a class is being loaded in server

Sometimes we cannot alter the classpath of the J2EE server or Web container and we need to find out if the classpath is loading a class from the right jar.... Read More

Linux Java Service Wrapper Example

This is a simple wrapper to run a Java program as service. You need to be a root user.... Read More

Ubuntu 16+ Java Service Wrapper Example for Systemd

This is a simple wrapper to run a Java program as service. You need to be a root user. In this example SYSTEMD is used instead of init.d because it's becoming obsolete. For older systems click here ... Read More

Generate Zebra ZPL from Image

With this application you can generate Ascci hex zpl representation for Zebra Printers. Upload you Image online and download de ZPL code.... Read More