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How to send a request to a Webservice from a text file just like SoapUI

This example shows how to create a simple java Soap WS and send a request to it from a text file.... Read More

How to find a Jar file from which a class is being loaded in server

Sometimes we cannot alter the classpath of the J2EE server or Web container and we need to find out if the classpath is loading a class from the right jar.... Read More

Create ZPL online

The site has been moved here:... Read More

How to Monitor a Tomcat JDBC Connection pool from a Servlet Example

With this example you can find out  the active, idle  connections,  etc. from a tomcat connection pool. This is very useful to know if you are not closing all your connections or if you want to double check how the pool is working.... Read More

Jersey 2 Client and Server Example with Enunciate and Validation

This example uses Jersey 2.25 and Maven.... Read More

Java How to Convert Image to ZPL Zebra printer format Example

This example shows how to convert an image to a ZPL code file with Java.... Read More

Simple proxy serlvet example for slow requests

In java if you are dealing with slow requests to a server but you need a fast response but you can't modify the code that produces that response, one solution is to create a proxy that will call that final URL for you and tell you when it's finished.... Read More

Install Svn server on ubuntu and Test it with Tortoise

In this tutorial Ubuntu 14.04 and Apache/2.4.7 are used. The client used is Tortoise for Windows.... Read More

Struts2 Create Custom not found page

To achieve this you must implement an Unknown Handler (they are available from Struts 2.1 on)... Read More

Proxy Balancer Session for Apache in Ubuntu Example

This example shows how to make a simple balancing for multiple instances using Apache balancer. Three tomcats in session configuration will be used. The Apache Balancer will always send all requests to the same server as long as it has the same session cookie. If one of the tomcats is shut down it will redirect to another cluster member server without sending any error messages to the client.... Read More