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MySql Query Optimization Tips

Here you can find some tips to optimize slow queries that have been useful to me.... Read More

Quick MySQL commands and examples plus JDBC and JSP examples

Here is a list of my most frecently used MySql Commands and examples... Read More

Use project as dependency of a web Project in Eclipse

With Eclipse you can use a source project and compile directly into a web project. Every time you change your dependency project a new Jar will be stored in your web project build path. This is very convenient if you are developing libraries for web projects.... Read More

How to Create a Task(or Cron Job) in Tomcat Example

To do this you can take advantage of schedulers such us quartz, but it you don't need anything as powerful as that you can create a new thread that starts when the server starts.... Read More

Java Eclipse Insert and Read Utf-8 in Mysql Example

In most cases trouble happens because not everything is coded with UTF-8 or we are not doing the transcoding properly. We must tell MySQL how to store, send or receive the Unicode Transformation Format - 8 bit (UTF-8).  The easiest way to avoid any trouble is by setting everything to UTF-8.... Read More

Simple Linux Service Wrapper to Run Tomcat on startup

This is a simple wrapper to run Tomcat as a service. You need to be a root user.... Read More

Java JSP Examples to Display Thread Status.

Sometimes it's useful to know that is some threads status. I normally use JConsole to monitor but if you can't use this technology and you need to know what is going on with the threads an easy trick is to upload a JSP to the server. Here are some good examples for that.... Read More

Java NIO Server Example (Asynchronous Bidirectional)

I needed to create a server for up to 1000 concurrent users. Using a single-threaded-per-socket connection was taking too much CPU and memory. NIO is supposed to increase your latency but it wasn't too much in my case.... Read More