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Servlet example that forces an mp3 to be downloaded, not to be played

Sometimes we may need to use a servlet to download mp3 files or other files not to play them or reproduce them. Most browsers understand the application/force-download content type header which does the trick.... Read More

Download file from URL with Delphi or Lazarus

This example shows how to download a file using Delphi or Lazarus, the following features are covered.... Read More

Load URL with Java Sockets

This example shows how to connect to an URL using just java sockets. You may want this for a number of reasons.... Read More

How to get the linux distribution information from Java

There are many ways of getting the linux distribution in Java. Here you can find some examples that may suit your needs.... Read More

Handle System.err and System.out with Java Examples

In java the three main Streams stdin (standard input) , stdout (standard output) and stderr (standard output error) are handled by default by, Sytem.out and System.err respectively. Sometimes we may need to change the output according to our needs, this can be done in many ways such us using the OS to tell what stream we need to use or using java to set what streams we want to be used.... Read More

How to Override or Add a new protocol to the and changing FTP

If you use to load url and in some cases you want to add a new protocol or if you want to use another API to handle certain protocols it is possible to do it. In this example I'm overriding the FTP protocol so that it is handled by the API... Read More

Example of Jquery code Example with Autocomplete code Highlighting

With this code snippet you can create an autocomplete Jquery box that highlights the code when there is at least a match among your entries.... Read More

Basic Example of Persistence with Java

Sometimes we may need to save our objects out of the RAM scope. The act of storing  objects outside the RAM is called persistence.... Read More