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CommunicationsException with Java and MYSQL

I wrote this post to show I solve this exception. There are a number of reasons why this error may come up and there is not a universal solution for all cases. Perhaps your are not using the same technology as me but you can find some clues here that may help you find a solution.... Read More

Mini Java Socket Server example

This Example shows how to create a small HTTP server using Java Sockets. It can be useful to communicate with Cron jobs, to test whether Java is working, check out HTTP communications with a specific port, see all the headers sent by the web browser, or to verify that the post data is being sent to a specific port.... Read More

Top 5 linux console applications for me

Sometimes working with console applications can be a pain in neck, luckily there are a few console applications that can really come handy.... Read More

Tomcat How to Set a folder in our app outside the WAR deployment

You may need to do this for a number of reasons.... Read More

Tomcat disable session persistence

When Tomcat is shutdown or restarted will always try to save all the serialized session objects to a file. If we are trying to develop an application and we are testing the session or if we want to disable this feature we have to perform a change in the context.xml file... Read More

Set Tomcat session Timeout

To change the tomcat session timeout you need to specify or change the session-timeout parameter it in the web.xml whose path is WEB-INF/web.xml. Most web containers/application server tend to respect this rule too.... Read More