About this site

After days of looking for a Blog template in Java, which is my favorite language and not being able to find any that fully pleased me, I decided to write my own implementation.


Java frameworks are normally way more powerful than WordPress and PHP with many more features and better in terms of customization, scalability and performance.

The java learning curve is rather steep, much more than other languages such us PHP or JavaScript but in the end it makes up. Frameworks such us Spring, Struts2 or Hibernate may take some time to master but eventually you can create applications much faster and with less code lines, taking into account features such us data base independence, portability and good support by the Open source communities

Java is more widely used than PHP for enterprises but it's never been so accessible for the general public as it is today. Every day more and more Web Hosting Companies offer java which makes running a Java Web Application not as expensive as it used to be.

Detailed Features

Front End
Jquery 1.6 Ajax and Effects
jquery-syntax Code HighLigthing
Ckeditor Wysiwyg editor to post the articles
Back End
Struts 2.3 View part, used with annotations and apache tiles 2
(Struts2-Jquery plug in not used)
Spring 3.0 Controler and Model of the APP, used with annotations
Hibernate 3.0 with Jpa API 2.0 For data Persistence as JPA engine
Java OpenJDK 1.6 Developing environment for the back end
Linux Ubuntu 10.10 OS for the web Server
Apache Tomcat Apache Tomcat 7.0.31
MariaDB 10.10 Database for the application
Design and Layout
Silver Blog By CSS Heaven Template used as layout model, (not all Website features are in this template)
Eclipse Indigo Development Tool
Geany Scripts and HTML
Gimp Image adjustment and design
Firefox 16 and Google Chrome 25.0.1364.160 Web browsers